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    Guangzhou Panyu Hongyuan Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Infrared Sauna Cabin

    Personal Care Appliances
    Infrared Sauna Cabin

      Offer Type: Sell

      Offer Category: Personal Care Appliances  -  Other

      Offer Post Time: 2011-07-06

      Serial Code:



      Carriage: FOB China


      Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

      Price: 0.00 USD

      Product Description
      Main Product Features:

      1. Optional: available for 1 person, 2 person and 3 person capacity

      2. Hemlock inside and outside

      3. Equip with full tempered glass door

      4. Ceramic heater

      5. Power: 1200w, 1500w, 1800w for 1 person, 2 person, 3 person cabin respectively

      6. Dimension: 1000*950*1900mm, 1200*1000*1830mm, 1500*1000*1830mm for 1 person, 2 person, 3 person cabin respectively

      7. Non-toxic clear paint

      8. Equip with external brass buckles for easy installation

      Optional: available in carbon fiber heater or pure ceramic heater, which is subjected to USD50 extra

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